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Name:キューブ (Cube)
Birthdate:Jan 27

5 feet
Race: Demon
Favorite Foods: Pancakes, Left overs, Stew
Cube first arrived in Discedo on October 4th, 2008. During his short 2 week stay, he stayed with Abel Nightroad due to the priest losing his glasses and met Johnny Sfondi, who has mistaken him for a women.

It wasn't until May 24, 2009 that Cube found himself in Discedo again, meeting some new and old faces, like Johnny Sfondi. Shortly afterword, he became
roommates with Alpha at Latimir. A few days later, Cube also signed on as Dr. Eirin Yagokoro's assistant at the hospital. Cube discovers that Abel Nightroad is stillin Discedo, but only comes to realize it's not the same person. Rather, it IS but he has no recollection of Cube or his prior stay in Discedo at all. Either way, Cube decides to befriend him, regardless. A couple months later, more and more people begin to appear from Cube's world. Rapael and his mistress, Melody Blue, and an assassin named Gateau. Gateau murders Cube but the assassin gets shot in the head by Saburo.

July 25th, 2009, Cube is canon updated and comes back after being absent from Discedo for a week. Many decades had passed in his time but he remembers Discedo much the same and is happy to hear the family he had made there was still present.

He now is a acting doctor, caring for injured and sick patients as well as watching over and caring for Flandre Scarlet as her guardian.

Jewelled Branch of Hourai
Shortly after Reisen's departure from Discedo, Eirin Yagokoro gave this precious treasure to Cube stating that he could learn much from wielding it and also to reassure him he was always welcome to Eientei, as one of the family.
Dog Collar
Winter of 2009, after being knocked unconscious while in his dog form, Cube lost all memories and believed himself to be a dog. Shinjiro Aragaki took him in as a pet and cared for him and named him Fireball due to his strange ability to toss them, even as a dog. Cube eventually regained his memories thanks to a small Chocobo. Shinjiro had planned to give his dog this collar but after some time, Shinjiro gave it to Cube, despite knowing he was no longer a dog.
Photo Cards
During one special item rain, Cube received card-sized photos of all his former mistresses. He carries them with him always, usually in his basket. At once time, Gateau had stolen one of these photos in his obsession but it was later returned after the assassin left Discedo.

Purple Gem
After being sent home and returning, Cube realized that should he leave again, he would most likely never recall Discedo. This jeopardize his dream of visiting those he had become close to in their own worlds once leaving Discedo. To preserve his memories, Cube made a deal with Yuuko Ichihara and was given a small gem that guarded his memories while in Discedo. However, once he was returned home, the gem would swap his memories of his previous life with his memories of Discedo.

An unexpected friendship formed between Cube and a rather shady robot named Saburo. In time, Saburo became a what Cube considers his family in Discedo and even jokingly called the robot "Oniisan." After being returned home, Saburos belongings were left and among them were a pair of sunglasses and a hand gun. Cube keeps both with him at all times and can be seen wearing the sunglasses on bright summer days.

Moon Rifle
Another memento to someone Cube holds dearly in his heart is Reisen Udongein Inabas Moon Rifle that was left behind when she was also returned home. It doesn't require an ammunition clip due to it being a laser rifle. Despite not being able to use it well, Cube keeps it with him whenever he is out and about. It's not something he will likely ever part with unless she were to appear in Discedo once again.

First World ♦ Second World ♣ Third World ♥ Fourth World ♠ Fifth World
(Princess Maker 1-3 & Go!Go! Princess Maker)

♦Cube is asked by the gods to help the hero Oyl raise his adopted daughter, Olive. [PM2]

♦During the time of PM2, Cube meets Maria Lindberg, Lisa Anderson, Melody Blue, and Uz during Go! Go! Princess Maker.

♦After Olive turns 18, and Cube has finished taking care of Oyl, Cube is asked by the gods to go to another world.
(Petite Princess Yucie)

♣Cube initially works for the King of Hell as a steward, but for some reason he is exiled by the Queen.

♣After being exiled from Hell, Cube starts to work for the ex-hero Gunbard, to raise his adopted daughter, Yucie.

Cube meets Ark and brings Yucie home after being chased by a hell hound which escaped from the Demon World.

♣When a fellow steward, Barizan, breaks down, Cube and the other stewards, Gaga and Chau, adventure inside heaven's technology to figure out the problem. They find a lost fairy and discover she was the cause of Barizan's malfunctioning. To prevent the fairy any harm, Gaga, Chau and Cube all keep the incident a secret and place blame on a sickness known as "Rainbow Power."

♣When Yucie is done being raised, the gods once again ask Cube to go to another world.
(Princess Maker 4)

♥Cube becomes the butler of the Maou’s wife, Isabelle. He helps raise their daughter, Patricia, until the age of ten. It is then that Isabelle gives Patricia to the hero Halliwell, along with Cube, in hopes that she will lead a normal, human life.

♥Cube continues to update Halliwell on the war between humans and demons while serving as his butler.

♥After Patricia marries and Cube's Master passes, the gods ask Cube to go to another world.
(Princess Maker 5)

♠In this world, Cube gets the ability to turn into a dog.

♠Cube becomes the butler of a noble family with a young daughter who is a Princess Candidate.

♠When the revolutionaries attack the castle and murder her family, the young girl is taken by Cube to modern-day Japan where she is raised by an ex-hero.

♠Cube helps raise the girl, helping to protect her from various assassination attempts. He also opens portals to the other world so she can go and get revenge for her slaughtered family.

♠After the girl got her revenge by killing those who murdered her family (including the assassin, Gateau), she planned to marry the prince, Aspar, and fulfill her destiny as a Princess Candidate. However, before Cube can watch her walk down the aisle, he is taken to Discedo.

Click for some History of Cube's Life in Discedo
★Cube has become a  make-shift Doctor and can perform Chip removals at the hospital. He spends most his mornings opening and running Cafe Alpha before resuming his duties at the hospital. He takes residence in an Office building south of the city on Liddell Way.

Info By: Kaze Taco


Cube can summon helpful items my offering gold coins to Soraoto. The items summoned can range in usefulness depending on the amount of gold offered. Cube can also change into a dog and an "Adult Form". However, the adult appearance is only for a few minuets each day. In addition to his magic, he can cast fire attacks like fire-balls. He can also fly thanks to his bat-like demon wings.
(His wings are being considered as magic because he doesn't have them at all times)

Non-magical strengths Cube possesses are good cleaning and domestic skills. He is very organized and protective. Despite being from the Underworld, Cube is always polite and ready to assist anyone.

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